MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015
12:00-17:00   Registration
17:00-19:00   Opening Cocktail (Shuttle Buses will depart from the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac)
Room: Les Plaines, located on the 23rd floor of the Hilton Québec
7:00-16:30   Registration
7:30-15:00   Exhibition
7:00-8:15   Breakfast
8:15-9:15   Official Opening
Mr. Konrad Sioui: Grand Chief, Huron-Wendat Nation
Mr. Ghislain Picard: Regional Chief, Assembly of First Nations Québec and Labrador
Mrs. Dominique Vien: Minister of Tourism
Aboriginal tourism in Quebec: Commitment, partnerships and achievements
9:15-9:45   Dave Laveau
Aboriginal Destinations: Could there be a single business model for our destinations?
9:45-10:30          Jean-Michel Perron: Moderator
Dave Laveau, Keith Henry, Robert Taylor, John Barrett
Commitment to keep our promises in developing our customer base
10:45-12:00   John Barrett: Keeping to the Kaupapa - A Maori Framework. Demonstration of commitment to keep our promises in developing our customer base
Maine Sam Winny: Customised Eco Tourism in Zia Tribe of Waria Valley, PNG
Stephen Taranto: Santiago de Okola Community-based Tourism Project – Sustainability through Long-Term, Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
  Christian Desbiens: Generating and spreading knowledge about the tourism clientele: challenges and best practices
12:00-13:30   Lunch
Commitment to self in delivering authenticity
13:30-14:45   Susan Guyette Ph.D.: Listening and talking circles in the tourism planning process
Rashmi Sawant: From art to store - commitment in motion
Michelle Bélanger: Innovative and Authentic Community Engagement
Elisabeth Kaine and Solen Roth: How to define authenticity?
When commitment and planning go hand-in-hand
15:00-16:15   Nathalie Schneider: Moderator
Florence Donnarel, Christophe Olivier Migeon, Sébastien Desnoyers, Cédric Tinteroff
18:00   Tradition Night (Shuttle Buses will depart from the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac)
7:30-16:30   Registration
7:30-15:00   Exhibition
7:30-8:30   Breakfast
World Indigenous Tourism Alliance
8:30-9:15   Johnny Edmonds: Commitment and the Development of the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance
Ben Sherman: Indigenous Values Help Influence a Universal Tourism Ethic
Commitment to actively contribute to the collective wellbeing of the tourism industry
9:15-10:15   Dr Sonya Graci: Examining Successful Aboriginal Tourism Products From Across the Globe. Lessons Learned from Peru, Canada, New Zealand and Fiji
Jean-Philippe Le Moigne: Challenges of governance and sustainable tourism management mapulahual territory
Rick MacLeod Farley: Securing Financial Partnerships for your Indigenous Tourism Project
Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada: Increasing awareness
about Aboriginal tourism
10:30-11:30 Keith Henry, Nick Ward, Craig van der Merwe, Beverley O'Neil: ATAC : Increasing awareness about Aboriginal tourism 
Luncheon with guest speaker
11:45-13:15   Michèle Audette, Past president, Native Women's Association of Canada
Commitment to the management of human resources in improving performance
13:30-14:45   Teri Freitas Gorman: The Power of Place-Indigenous Cultural Training for Visitor Industry Partners
Stephen Ollerenshaw: Creating sustainable indigenous tourism businesses through effective and culturally appropriate workforce planning and development
Linda Sarazin
Robin McGinley: Supporting industry growth and authenticity by raising awareness about employment opportunities
Commitment to create partnerships in reaching new heights
Simon Haigh: WAITOC 4 year corporate partnership strategy
Carley Duckmanton: Advancing Aboriginal Tourism and other Economic Opportunities at Parks Canada
Samtenla Sherpa: The Changing Dyanmic of the Sherpas in Mountaineering
Randa Napky and Frank Polson: Culture – The unifying source of society
18:00-18:45   Cocktail
19:00   Aboriginal Tourism Entrepreneurship Recognition Gala - 2015 Québec Aboriginal Tourism Awards Gala
Ball Room, Fairmont Le Château Frontenac
Mr. Geoffrey Kelly, Minister responsible for Native Affairs (Québec)
Honourable Maxime Bernier, Minister of State (Small Business, Tourism and Agriculture)

Mr. Ghislain Picard: Regional Chief, Assembly of First Nations Québec and Labrador