About Québec Aboriginal Tourism

Kwe, Kway, Kwei, Kuei, Wachiyeh, Wachiya, Ullaakkut, Ské:kon, Hello, Bonjour !

Since time immemorial, the Aboriginal people of Québec have been known for their deep-rooted values of hospitality and sharing. Across the vast expanses of our beautiful landscape, the 55 Aboriginal communities of Québec invite you to live an aboriginal experience peppered with the diverse flavours of our regions, nations and cultures. Come enjoy an authentic and unique experience as we welcome you to explore our traditional and contemporary cultures.

Join us to discover the depth of our culture!

Québec Aboriginal Tourism was first founded in 1991 as the Société Touristique Innu and later became the Québec Aboriginal Tourism Corporation (QATC) until 2010 before its current denomination. QAT is recognized by Québec's ministry of tourism as the sectoral tourism association representing more than 100 aboriginal tourism enterprises and Band Councils from all Nations in the province. Our mission is to support the development and visibility of your enterprises and products in national and international markets and safeguard the interests of aboriginal tourism entrepreneurs.
QAT represents its members with tourism stakeholders and fund providers. Our various participations contribute to build knowledge and further research about aboriginal tourism while structuring the sector. By being involved in various committees, QAT supports the diversification, consolidation and continuous enhancement of the tourism offer via partnerships and concerted collaborations.

The Development Department provides orientation, guidance and support to aboriginal tourism enterprises that are starting up, expanding or diversifying. It also acts as a liaison between aboriginal and non-aboriginal tourism/economic organizations.

The Communications Department is responsible for enhancing the visibility of all members through the website (now accessible on all web platforms including tablets and smart phones), through social media, the quarterly e-newsletter, emails, etc.

Since several years, QAT has been promoting the visibility of aboriginal tourism in provincial, national and international markets via major trade fairs, exhibitions, newspapers and publications specialized in tourism. QAT's marketing team plays a valuable role in reaching out to target clienteles and in brand building.

Each year, Aboriginal Quebec welcomes over 800,000 visitors, sustains 3,500 jobs and generates an estimated $169 million in economic benefits.

Quebec Aboriginal Tourism
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