Wendake: Host Community

Wendake, on the immediate outskirts of Québec City, is home to the only recognized Huron-Wendat community in Canada.

The reserve, formerly known as the Village-des-Hurons (Huron Village), was founded more than 300 years ago on the ancient territory of the Huron-Wendat Nation and up to this day stands as a proof of this great nation's vitality. A number of cultural and heritage attractions contribute to the flourishing economy of Wendake. Some aboriginal enterprises in Wendake are widely known in the international  tourism market. Through a variety of sites, events and tourist welcome places, Wendake is a proud representative of the Huron-Wendat Nation and of all Aboriginal cultures at large.


Pre-Conference and Post-Conference Packages

To purchase one of the packages that you will enjoy before or after the Conference, visit Tourism Wendake website. To book a package, enter the requested information and use the promotional code CITA-IATC.

The Huron-Wendat Museum is a national institution of the Wendat people, ensuring the conservation and enhancement of its heritage. Through its permanent exhibition Territories, memories, knowledge, temporary exhibitions, activities and thematic workshops, the museum teaches and popularizes the history, culture and arts.
Entrance fee with promotional code CITA-IATC: $10 + taxes

A journey into the heart of huron traditions, past and present. Visitors will be welcomed by a guide dressed in a Huron traditional costume.

The guided tour consists of:
  • Visit of the Long House, Huron’s traditional housing. Presentation of the Huron’s way of life.
  • Visit of the smokehouse and the drying tent. Comments on methods of food preservation.
  • Visit of the sweating tent. Presentation on purification techniques used by our ancestors
  • We make stop at the giant tee-pee. Informations about the way of life of Native Indians from different Québec Nations.
  • Presentation on traditional means of transportation and on the making of canoes and snowshoes. Visitors are invited to take a seat in large canoes to listen to the guide.
  • Presentation on the present life of the Hurons in the village of Wendake.
Entrance fee with promotional code CITA-IATC: $11

Discovery visit at the Huron-Wendat Museum
Led by a Native guide, the discovery visit is a guided tour of the Huron-Wendat Museum, the longhouse and Old Wendake (Tsawenhohi House, Notre-Dame-de-Lorette Church, Kabir Kouba Falls and the Wendat fresco). A heritage route was created for visitors to discover Wendake’s older homes.
Lunch at La Traite Restaurant
Let yourself be carried away by the subtle flavours of the northern forest offering dishes made with authentic ingredients from the land and the sea and products gleaned from our soil. Savour each magic moment while sitting by the fire and enjoy your surroundings.
Entrance fee with promotional code CITA-IATC: $38 + taxes


Accommodation available on the Huron-Wendat community

Wendake welcomes you at the Hôtel-Musée Premières-Nations with nights available at special rate of $134.00 + taxes per night with promo code CITA-IATC. Located 15 minutes from downtown Québec City on the Akiawenrahk River in Wendake, this hotel-boutique is an artful blend of modernism and tradition. Points of interest include the Huron-Wendat Museum, a restaurant serving local Northern cuisine and spa facilities in a beautiful natural setting. Kwe!
Hôtel-Musée Premières-Nations
5, Place de la Rencontre « Ekionkiestha’ »
Wendake (QC) G0A 4V0
418 847-2222 / 1 866 551-9222